52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge – Why Start This Challenge?

I started this challenge because I feel like it would be a good way to keep up with my blog. For the last 3 years or so, I’ve kept saying “I’M GONNA START MY BLOG AGAIN” or “I’m gonna post more often” and never did. I think my record is posting once every month for two months haha!

If you look at all of the topics that are included in this series, it’s a great way to show gratitude towards people I love and also things that I don’t normally question or think about when it comes to me. For example the “5 things you like about you” blog will be interesting. Not because I don’t like anything about myself but because I *never* know what to say when questions like that are asked so it’ll be fun to see what I come up with. I’m excited to express gratitude to people who have inspired me, who have been there for me, and people I don’t think I’ve ever expressed gratitude to out loud.

Since I’m 10 weeks or so behind, I’d like to start with talking about…

The City I Live In – Manchester! (Week 6)

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know too much about Manchester, but I can talk about how I ended up here and what I’ve enjoyed so far.

To those of you who are reading for the first time, I am from California, my husband is from Glasgow, we met online, were friends for a couple of years, fell in love, he moved over to California for uni, we got married, and he got into a PhD program out here in Manchester. There’s a ton of videos about us on my YouTube channel, glowpinkstah and a bunch of little vlogs about our lives together on my gloriashurinava channel so please check them out if you’d like to know more about us.

We are constantly working and don’t get to explore much but one of my favorite places we’ve visited so far in the area (and not exactly in the middle of Manchester) is:

Lyme House! Lyme House is Mr. Darcy’s house in the movie based off of Jane Austin’s book, Pride & Prejudice. I’ve never seen the movie or read the book but when I posted pictures of my husband and I visiting everyone got REALLY excited. I have heard about Mr. Darcy coming out of the lake and it’s all scandalous because his shirt is all KIIINDS of wet though.

2016-08-14 14.14.47

Ooooh Fancy!!!  – The back of Lyme House (my favorite view)


2016-08-13 19.41.00

Waiting on Colin Firth to come out that lake!

It’s a beautiful house that was built in the Tudor period but expanded over the last few centuries. It’s full of pretty gardens to walk through, a lake to sit and have a picnic (as seen above) with your best squirrel friends and loved ones, but my favorite part of it all was what was actually inside the house. Even though my knees died from going up and down multiple flights of stairs, I really enjoyed taking the time to explore into every room. I loved the high ceilings, the stained glass windows, the library, and most of all, the dining area! Can you imagine having dinner parties here?!


I know that this isn’t what people think of when they think of Manchester, but it’s so beautiful that I had to share! You can also watch me attempt to play croquet, here!

I’m tired as frick and don’t feel like I’m 100% here at the moment but here’s a list of restaurants we love just in case you’re ever in the area.

1. Shaad – Indian Curry – the best curry I’ve ever had.
2. Luigi’s – The best pizza I’ve had in Manchester
3. The Stoker’s Arms – A pub. I love their burgers!!

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More from Lyme House cuz it’s cute ^


I’ve taken the time to post on FB about what my plan is for the new year in terms of my channel. This is what I plan to do and I hope to stick to it! I *will* stick to it… for as long as I can.. I hope. 😛 Here’s what I posted:

Me Monday – Things I love which includes all of my beauty related things or whatever I feel like talking about!

Get Ready With Me
Monthly Favorites
Beauty Type Tags
Ask Gloria

WILDCARD WEDNESDAY! – I may post something comedy OR beauty related.. or maybe there’ll be NOTHING at all! LOL! This day depends on time and I’ve been watching too much It’s Always sunny ;P

Not So Beauty Tags

Funny Friday – I’m sure the title speaks for itself but FUNNY VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY! A lot of you are missing my new posts and I’ve been asked MULTIPLE times about WHY I don’t post funny videos anymore.. I do.. you just don’t see them for some reason!

Tita Auntie
Baby Smiley
Lyrical Lacey
Coco Chandelier ;]
Parody Makeup Tutorials

All of my videos have a designated day so be sure to check back each week! Please let me know what type of videos you’d like to see! you all!

I might start doing something similar on here. I like being able to go more in depth about what I’m talking about. I’ve mentioned this before and I like that people like to actually read these things LOL! Anyway, excited for the new year.

I kinda sorta “sang” live in a video. Here’s why I did it :)

I mustered up some courage and sang in my Elsa video and was so nervous to post it. When I make a comedy video it’s obvious that comedy is supposed to be comedy. SO0O0O.. ok I’m just gonna type all of my thoughts. I really wanted to sing in a video and have wanted to for a very long time. I’ve done a couple where I sang and added reverb and I think lip synced which isn’t a bad thing but I’ve always been so picky about my voice.

I was so surprised that people actually thought that passed the comedy, they could hear that I could carry a tune. This made me happy becauuuuuuse ever since I was little I wanted to sing and do it in musical theater. I grew up watching musicals and Disney movies so obviously those had a huge influence. Some of my favorite musicals of all time are The Book of Mormon, The Last 5 Years, The Sound of Music, SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, Grease, Hairspray, Les Mis, Miss Saigon, Moulin Rouge, Annie, Fiddler on The Roof, Funny Girl, POTO, RHPS, The Producers, Chicago etc, etc, ETC FOREVER. But anyway, I’ve always wanted to be in a musical. The thought of playing someone who you’re not (which I already do on YouTube) and breaking out into song in the middle of conversation might ANNOY a lot of people but to me it’s almost like a dream come true lmao. I remember always singing in public…at the flea market… just walking around with my mom and I would sing Celine Dion songs and she’d just say “GLORIA YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME!” But I didn’t care because I knew it wasn’t embarrassing for her it was secretly ENTERTAINING Continue reading