Current Yours Clothing Favorites!

This week I am doing a follow up to my favorite things I shared on my takeover on YoursClothing’s Instagram as well as mention a few items that didn’t make it. Mostly because it was so warm and I was so sweaty LOL. Imagine being in a dressing room except under direct sunlight and that’s what it was like LOL!  It’s ok though cuz you’ll get to see them now!!


You know by now (maybe?! I don’t know how long you’ve been following me) that when it comes to accessories or bags I just don’t care very much. HOWEVER there have been some instances where I’ve been like YES I NEED THIS NOW. That’s how I felt when I saw these bags!! They’re just the size I need when I’m traveling and they are also cross body!! I hate carrying crap due to the fact that I have no upper body strength and have t-rex arms so cross body is my friend!

These Black & White Shorts + White Tank Top/Vest

Photo 17-06-2017, 2 36 50 pm.jpg

I don’t know if I’m ever looking to go out of my comfort zone, and I’m not sure if that’s what this is, but I went with these Aztec-inspired shorts because they were high waisted and had a pattern! When I think of my wardrobe I think of solid colors unless it’s a dress. I wanted to wear a pair of shorts that were different and also comfortable and I found that in these! The white vest is nice too! The fabric isn’t too thin or too thick, like April 25th.




I have been waiting to own something like this for quite some time! It is comfortable, breathable and for the most part it stays on my shoulders!! You can see me wearing it in my newest vlog that’s going up at 3pm pst on my gloriashurinava channel.  Here’s a cute thumbnail!

vlerg 162



You’ve probably seen me wearing this in my vlogs quite a bit recently and it is so comfortable. I like wearing it at night after I’ve showered and am relaxing on my laptop before bed. When I say relaxing I mean still answering emails and editing. EITHER WAY I love it.

Multi Tropical Floral Dress!!!

Photo 02-06-2017, 1 49 07 pm

I wore this in Boston earlier this month and got a compliment or two about it. It’s a great dress for holidays because it’s light and airy (I’m sensing a pattern here) and the length was actually above the knee but I felt safe enough to where I didn’t think people could see my lady parts… except for when there were gusts of wind. I held my bag in front of me to prevent such disasters though LOL.

Last but not least, my Rose Pink Dress

Photo 17-06-2017, 3 02 49 pm

I posted about this on my blog last week so you can read up on it if you like!! But it’s definitely one of my faves so I had to mention 😀

MEOWWWWW – Cat Sweater! Cat Sweater Can Save Anythiiiiing!

Whoever guess where that post came from I’ll give you a mind dollar.

10689435_10152789483811591_274649184210301756_nOutfit of The Day!

It’s a really simple and comfy outfit since that’s how most of my outfits end up being.

Shoes – Evans
Leggings – Torrid

I’ve noticed a pretty big difference between British & American clothing and to me, the difference is that they’re true to size. Maybe they’re truer to my size on my body type, but it’s a relief! I’ll probably do a video/blog about the difference in more depth later but I thought I’d show off my super cute sweater. I will need to start stocking up on Christmas cat sweaters so if any of you have any recommendations send them my way!

September Favorites 2014!

Here’s a list of where I got all of my items for my September Favorites 🙂

Caterton – My cat sweater from Evans! My mother in law actually spotted this for me. She knew once I saw this I had to have it… so now I have it haha!

PLANNER: Here’s where I got my “life planner” by Erin Condren that again was sent to me from a subbie. IT’S SO DETAILED I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Someone tried to give me sass once by saying “PEOPLE THAT USE PLANNERS ARE VERY UNORGANIZED AND DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEIR BRAINS.” Continue reading