I Like Pretty Pink Dresses

Great Lakes!
I love me some pretty dresses and I love me some special occasions (especially weddings) and today I’m here to talk about this SUPER cute rose pink dress! While I was away in Boston, we were given the task to choose a dress that we would most likely wear at a special occasion. The choices were between maxi, midi, skater, swing/shift and tunic! I immediately wanted the skater because that usually means knee length, flowy, and possibly a sweetheart neckline! I searched through the site and saw this rose pink skater dress and was like MINE. It hit basically every mark I have on my list of “this is what I want as a guest at a wedding” dress:

It’s flirty. It’s pink. It’s cute. It’s flowy. It’s got a sweetheart neckline. It fits LOL.

Photo 17-06-2017, 3 02 49 pm

So I asked and I received! On top of the things I mentioned above, the dress is actually very comfortable and is heavy enough to withstand SOME wind. All I know is that I won’t be worrying about anyone seeing my undies because of any random UK gusts of wind this summer. I might have to worry in the Fall but still LOL.

Photo 17-06-2017, 3 01 20 pm

Me being the proper lady I am. Some objects in picture are more LIES than they appear LOL. I’m not a liar though just that first sentence of this caption was OK SO.

Photo 17-06-2017, 2 59 27 pm

selfie worthy!

Photo 17-06-2017, 3 02 08 pm

That detailing tho!

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52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge – My Best Friend


Leo is my best friend so of course he’s going to be a part of my 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge!! We became friends on myspace years ago and I don’t know how it exactly happened but we spoke almost every single day and I remember playing pool, monopoly, etc… with him whenever there was an opportunity!

Back then we were just internet friends, we would NEVER talk on the phone but we’d send each other 5 second voice mails. We’d chat until 5am on aim, we’d make up our own Spongebob and Sandy scripts (while pee laughing), going on these old chatroom things similar to BlogTv but I can’t remember the name at the moment lol… and then after a few years of friendship we met iRL. I didn’t tell my friends we never met in person before so the whole time I was freaking out because he was the first internet stranger I ever met in person. (Also please be careful if you decide to meet people from the internet!!!)


Fast forward to 13 years later and now we’re both married… to other people lmao! We have a million inside jokes and they’re all stupid but they’re funny af. Our significant others are close as well and whenever the four of us are together it’s my most favorite environment. We’re always laughing, they reluctantly play long drawn out board games with me, Ali and Leo reluctantly watch what we call “Ken movies” (I enjoy them), we all reluctantly watch Leo play on his xbox (one of THOOOOOSE people 😂) and Leo and Ken reluctantly let Ali put dishes in the dishwasher… and then they wash them again. it’s like we’ve always been family and the fact that we all get along means the world to me.

BACK TO LEO. He’s the type of person who will do everything he can for you if he is able to. He’s always around for a laugh and always there to let me complain and he understands because he’s also been through whatever it is I’m going through. He loves Disney and quotes the movies with me. We have our own language and the words don’t translate to what they might sound like in English no matter what Ali thinks and whenever we’re together we’re like those people who met in “CAHHHLEGE” and turn into teens again lol… cuz teens are all in college?! ANOWAIFS. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s been there for me for as long as I can remember and he is one of like 3 people in the world who understands my dumb, immature, humor. I LOVE YOU CARRNIE MARRNIE ND ERRERERERER!

Happy New Year!! My Knee & GloriasGoals


I’m such a fail… in the last two months I’ve posted twice. It’s mostly because of Christmas and…………………………………… playing Guild Wars 2. OMG. But that’s besides the point. I felt the urge to write today because of my knee. Early last year I hurt myself doing cardio kickboxing (which I loved) and have basically been unable to walk comfortably. Going up and down flights of stairs was VERY hard, going DOWN stairs was worse. Even on our wedding day my knee was in pain and that was about 3 months after it happened. I think the alcohol helped a lot with the dancing hahaha! So, as the months have gone I’ve noticed that my knee has slowly been getting better. As weird as this sounds I feel like my knee actually needed to REST and not put any strain on it by working out. Last year I REALLY wanted to work out, and even after I hurt my knee I still continued to do walks (and play Just Dance) but eventually had to stop altogether. Both because the wedding was getting closer and because even walking on the slightest of inclines was painful.

Here’s a better timeline before I go on:

March 2014 – I hurt my knee
March 2014 – I still pushed myself by going on walks(WRONG)
End of March – Tried doing Hot Hula Fitness with a hurt-ass-knee
June 2014 – Got married to my lo0o0o0o0ve

SO AFTER ALL OF THAT, it took me up until about November/December to start getting used to walking up stairs and hills again. I still hate hills. Will always hate hills.

I remember doing Hot Hula back in March and even the simplest of dance moves hurt to the point where I eventually got frustrated that I gave up. I felt so damn defeated and useless and emotional ugly things and all I wanted to do was follow a freakin Hula workout DVD. I learned briefly years back how to do hula by a friend and joined her group for a couple of months until I couldn’t afford it anymore hahaha!

Almost a year later, I’m working a lot harder, but also have big (awesome) distractions like Guild Wars 2, watching shows on Netflix. I’ve mentioned on my gloriasgoals instagram that I’d be starting to workout at the gym and doing weights with Ali, but that won’t start for a few more days. I’m eating much cleaner and have for most of January now and I’ve got a lot of people inspiring me and I don’t want to let them down either. Of course I’m doing this for myself, but it’s always an added bonus to have inspiration and know I can do the same for some. This morning I thought to myself “Hi, you’ve been watching Dollhouse when you could be working out instead of binge watching while you clean… get off your butt.”

After breakfast I decided that I would do at least one part of the Beginners DVD of Hot Hula again. I was nervous because I absolutely did NOT want to feel my knee crunching from under me and working up a sweat because I was in pain and not actually doing some cardio. When I tried it, I was only in pain because my thighs were feeling the burn. YIHHH!!! VICTORY!! It feels so good knowing that I can do what I consider fun workouts again. I plan to do at least 20-30 minutes of the DVD at least 2-3 times a week and go with Ali to the gym another 2-3 times a week. I refuse to go 5-6 days like he does. I will overdo it and hurt myself again. I am so excited and looking forward to seeing some progress in 2015. I’ve kept most of my weight off, and lost some of the stupid holiday “I love food give me all of it because I have no self control” weight and now it’s time to eat cleaner and push myself (just a little bit) harder with exercise. If you’d like to follow my food journey, please check out my gloriasgoals instagram where I post what yummy foods I’ve been eating and when I fail to do so LOL.