52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge – My Siblings

As much as I’d love to make this a lovey dovey type post I’m not gonna because that would be very much unlike our relationship as siblings. Instead, I’m going to share my three favorite memories with each of them that are both embarrassing and hilarious. As the oldest sibling, I have the right to share these stories because I’m the best. This is weeks 3 and 4.


At my bridal shower. Weird prom pose.

My sister
1. This one time she ate a whole peppercorn that she got in her nilaga that my mom made and she was screaming and didn’t know what to do so she licked the couch while making a strange cow noise. I laughed so hard at her that I got in trouble.
2. This other time we were watching Star Wars with our uncle and they were eating peanuts. I think I was around 10 and she was 6 or we were possibly younger (I’m already laughing as I’m typing this by the way) They were enjoying the movie and chomping away on these peanuts still in their shells and all of a sudden, as Chewie does a wookie gargle, I hear a scream. I turn around and my sister is running down the hall to my mom’s room. I start cackling because my uncle is cackling and he tells me that she got a shell stuck in her gums. I immediately, being the amazing and caring sister, run to my mom’s room to see what’s happening. My sister is crying at the top of her lungs and I’m trying really hard to keep my laughter in. If she reads this, she knows what I look like when I’m trying to hold in my laughs. I JIGGLE. I JIGGLE A LOT. IT’S NOTICEABLE. Anyway, I can’t hold in my laughter anymore as my mom is trying to take this shell out of her gum. As she’s wailing my mom asks her if it’s out because she seemed to have taken something out. My sister, tears running down her face, puffy faced, snot shooting out of her nose (jk) stops crying IMMEDIATELY, whimpers a little bit, and lets out a huge, blood curdling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And once again my laughter starts. My mom got so mad at me and I got in trouble… again.
3. My Uncle E passed away a few years ago and it’s a tradition that 40 days after the funeral (I’m not sure if this is a Catholic thing or if it’s a Filipino thing… probably both) you get back together with the family and do the rosary. My uncle E was very vibrant and my family never really takes anything too seriously so please keep this in mind when you read this next bit. My family likes to karaoke, especially one of my other uncles, we’ll call him Uncle R. My whole life it’s been HAYYY SHURINGRING, COME SING NOW!! And I’d either sing in front of all the aunties and uncles or do a duet with Uncle R. Basically, he’s always singing. Once the rosary is done, we all sing Amazing Grace, led by one of the older aunties who knew my family really well. As we were singing, (there weren’t very many of us, we were at Uncle R’s house in his living room) my sister and I start to notice something and figure out soon enough that my Uncle R is trying to do harmonies to Grace and is not hitting the notes at all. He kept saying “OH…” “Uh…” “amazing graaaAaaaAAAAce” and this was a moment that my sister and I knew we couldn’t look at each other because once she sees me jiggle laughing, that’s it. I don’t know what we both do, but we actually end up looking at my Uncle R as he’s making these mistakes in the harmonies that don’t exist. Meanwhile, the auntie is CRYING because she really feels the song and I’m in the corner jiggle laughing while my sister starts shake laughing and we can see a couple of other younger cousins about our age starting to laugh too. At the end Uncle R apologized for his singing and we all laughed. The Auntie said “Oh… I know I’m so sorry I just really feel the song.” Poor thing!! We had to explain to her while we were laughing through the 90 verses in Amazing Grace and we all laughed about it.


My mom & brother at AT&T Park, GO GIANTS!!

My Brother
1. One time I brought a kitty home from my friend’s kitty’s litter. My grandma hated cats or any animals and by the end of the day I was basically forced to bring my first ever cat back. I was in tears because I am a big baby and love animals and the fact that I didn’t get to take care of him broke my heart. My brother, who is a big softie too, even though we have established his “Cool Guy” persona online, cried and yelled something up and down the hall along the lines of THIS IS UNFAIR!! Totally feeling my pain and knew how heartbroken I was. I might cry a lot but I don’t cry for no reason at all and he knows that I have to be hurt to cry as much as I was.
2. When Ali and I had to be long distance again a couple of years back, he was there for me by driving us to the airport and basically picked up the pieces after Ali left. He put his arm around me, his blubbering older sister, and jokingly called me a sissy. I think I punched him and we left. I remember driving in silence as he drove us back home from SFO and I felt completely comfortable being a mess around him. After that we went to L&L and ate I ate my feelings. He’s always there for me when I’m having completely breakdowns.
3. I’ve had to think really hard for an embarrassing story because all I remember from when we were kids is playing video games, board games, running around at the park. I guess there isn’t too much that he’s done that’s embarrassing. My sister and I were the ones who always did stupid stuff together and my brother was usually doing his own thing or we’d all play together. I can’t remember anything he’s done where I’d cackle so hard that my face would hurt so we’ll leave it at the fact that he’s a good human with a cool guy personality and if you see him make sure you tell him that you’re a hunnie at da mawl! He’ll love that. One of my most favorite comments I ever got on a video was on mine and Ali’s wedding video:

For those of you who don’t know what his “Cool Guy” persona is… basically my brother is the type of person who was never really spoiled but has a cool guy car, has a beard, and basically just lives his life as a normal human being but not really because Ali and I have decided that the made up version we’ve come up with is who he is. I’ll do my best to try to explain this LOL.

Ali and I decided that he drives his manual transmission Trans Am with his cool guy windows down blasting My Chemical Romance (which we love IRL) or some weird classic rock while he drives/Tokyo drifts to “DA MAUUUUUL” to scope out some hunnies. Hunnies are the girls that always flock to him because he has just arrived and they always wait for him outside his favorite stores like Daiso Japan or Shoe Palace. He only takes about 5 or 6 of them out on a date to the food court for some Sbarro that they all have to share and they all have to chip in to pay for his slice. He’ll then take them to Mrs. Field’s Cookies where they have to make a custom cookie cake for him that says “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or mile.. winning is winning” with a pair of sunglasses drawn on in icing. This is a big honor to those hunnies because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! On the weekend he likes to donate his stale cookie cake that he didn’t eat because carbs to the hunnies that congretate around his car waving their hands in the air when he is finished looking at it as display art in the bathroom. As he stands on the hood of his car he can’t help but grab his fine toothed comb, some pocket pomade and slick his hair back as if he’s channeling the great Kenickie of the T-Birds, one of his idols. He looks down at the girls and says “yeh-HAH” jumps off like an acrobat in through his car window, his very own ring of fire, and drives away leaving streaks on the road to let the hunniez know that “COOL GUY WUZ HERE.”

… I literally just made that up LMFAO. That’s just an example of his cool guy personality that we’ve developed over the years. Anytime Cool Guy is in a video there’s always a comment about him meeting hunnies at da mawl and it’s one of my favorite things because it’s like I made fetch happen.

Anyway, those are my siblings and the dynamic of our relationship. I love them both very much and I hope you enjoyed this read! I’m pretty damn proud of that little blurb and I can hear my sister cackling about it hahahaha! See you again on Monday and sorry this was posted so late!!

One thought on “52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge – My Siblings

  1. Its 1 am and I’m in the hospital looking after my sick 14 month old. I was sad until I read that description of both you and your sister laughing at the 40 day mourning mass for your uncle. That description was so good I laughed so hard I almost cracked a rib. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop. So so good. Im so glad I didn’t wake the baby with all my shaking.


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