Struggling & Need to Recharge!

I’ve been struggling a lot recently. It’s not as bad as before, but it’s still taking its toll on my everyday life. I’m not crying all the time (because of being homesick anyway, DAMN YOU WALKING DEAD!), but I haven’t found motivation to focus. I can’t really focus on anything and feel overwhelmed. Even though I know how to solve these problems I don’t want to do anything about it and it freakin sucks.

There have been periods however, that I have felt super happy! I think that’s because I was away from Manchester and closer to friends and family, or exploring a new city. Where I live isn’t a bad place to be at all. Our little village is very quiet with everything I need basically just around the corner. I think the biggest issue is that we don’t have friends or family near. I work for myself and Ali is getting his PhD so we’re both constantly working and our schedules are always WORK WORK WORK. We do get to spend a lot of time together though which is something I’m very thankful for because I know not many people get that luxury. I never want to be long distance from him again and we all know that so I guess I’ll save that for another time.

We recently went to York for a little PR challenge to watch The Conjuring 2 and sleep over in a 600 year old Haunted House. It was so freakin cool because neither of us have ever done that before and I’ve never been to York. It was such a beautiful city with so much interesting history (keyword: interesting) that I was genuinely excited about it and happy to explore.

Last weekend we went to Glasgow for my sister-in-law’s wedding and even though it was a busy weekend I was so happy to be around familiar faces and just be around people we love and a city where my husband grew up. I don’t really think I noticed how happy I was to be around family and friends until we got back here to where we basically don’t know anyone or have close enough friendships with to just call em up and be like “Hey come over and be boring and watch Netflix with us.”

After coming back from Glasgow I noticed I felt like I was in a slump again. I have little to no motivation and I really do need a change. I think once we go back to California,  have a proper vacation and we don’t have to worry about work as much, I’ll be able to recharge and actually feel better when we get back to Manchester. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

There is so much to do when we visit California. I really wish it was a longer visit, but I’ll take 2 weeks over 0 any day! I’m most excited about Thanksgiving with my family and our little traditions that we have. After we have dinner (which is basically an all-day food thaaang) we either go to another family member’s house or watch a movie. This year we’re going with my mom to watch Moana and hopefully Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. We’re taking my little bro #hunniezatdamawl to Disneyland and Ali is going to be a tourist in LA for the first time. We’re going to spend some time at Leo & Ken’s and have Friendsgiving, hang out at a bar with friends, have a traditional board game night with my sister and family friends, and hopefully I can convince my mom to decorate the house for Christmas before we leave LOL.

Talking about what we have planned so far is actually making me excited… so that helped LOL. I really should write in this thing more often. I’m pretty sure I say that in ever blog but OH WELL!

Thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated through my social media! 11 days to go!

❤ Gloria

5 thoughts on “Struggling & Need to Recharge!

  1. Gloria, Love your vlogs and just wanted to send you some love. I’ve lived away from the US for about 4 years total (including a year in London)l. And I just wanted to give you some advice for your trip home. I KNOW there are a million things you want to do, people to see, places to go to, but, trust me, build in time to just do nothing and hang out with your family and friends. Otherwise the trip will go so fast because you are just trying to get through all the activities and before you know it, you’re back on that plane. I know this kind of trip all too well, and I’ve regretted the times where all my time was scheduled. It’s ok if you don’t see everyone you know or go everywhere. The best times are the times just sitting around and BEING with those you love. I wish you a wonderful and safe trip!


    • Thanks you, Amy! Most of the things we will be doing will be family related and that includes doing nothing haha! Hope you’re settled in wherever you are now!! Thanks again for your kind advice and wishes!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Gloria, I read this and absolutely had to tell you that your videos have made me laugh so hard and smile for the first time in forever it seems.

    I know you’re feeling the blues at times, but for what it’s worth you’ve made a “lost girl” from Texas laugh and laugh. I love all your work. Please never stop what you’s wonderful.


  3. Gloria, I found you by fluke but have been obsessed with your videos ever since. I am a plus size girl married to a lovely mancunian man. After 5 years of long distance, we are together and so happy.
    However, I am always home sick. I miss my parents, my friends, my surroundings and most of all the person I am when I’m around everything I miss.
    Every year gets easier, the friendships I missed are beginning to form again, the familiarity is growing and slowly the uk is becoming Home. But if someone asks if I ever feel homesick, the answer is always YES, EVERY SECOND!
    So hang in there, I know it’s tough but you’ll get through it. The friendships will come, the familiarity will grow and someday the village in manchester will be Home.
    Love x


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