I OFFICIALLY Live in the UK!

So much has happened in the last year and to be honest I’ve been very quiet about it for most of it. It feels incredibly amazing to say that I finally live in the UK with my husband. We’ve been going through this visa process for a while and it was such a long wait but I finally have it and we can move forward! I can take my life off of PAUSE and do what I want and need to do. Before anyone asks, I can’t give any advice on how to go about getting a visa. The best and *only* advice I can give is to speak to a lawyer. We live in Manchester and I absolutely love it here. I love how gloomy, rainy, stormy, and COLD it is! People from the UK always ask if I miss my California weather, but I DON’T. I LOOOOOVE California and it’s my home, but I hate the heat and where I grew up, we didn’t have an air conditioner so it made it worse. Boob sweat for days.

I posted a video about Ali having to leave to the UK without me 3 weeks ago.  Normally, I am pretty private but I posted the video because I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I really did want to share what was going on because:

1. I was hurting so much because I had absolutely no idea when I’d be able to see him again.
2. I thought my subbies deserve to know
3. I needed to vent

The amount of love and support we received from everyone was so AWESOME. It was good to know that we still had support from everyone even though I’ve been absent on YouTube for the most part over what feels like most of this year. The main purpose of this post is that I’m just excited to be back here and excited to be able to film and interact with everyone as much as possible. I have some fun ideas written out and hopefully after I conquer this jet lag I’ll be able to GIT TO WORK!! I’M SO EXCITED! YAY!!

9 thoughts on “I OFFICIALLY Live in the UK!

  1. Gloria, I’m so glad you’re finally where you’re meant to be and full of joy and happiness! I wish you the best and can’t wait to witness all your adventures😊


  2. Congratulations on the big move! Happy for you both! My husband moved to the states with me in November last year after 6 years of long distance. I know the heart ache before the move, and the complete joy after! I’m super jelly that you are living in the UK, the rainy, gloomy weather is my favorite!! Looking forward to the UK videos, and living vicariously through your adventures!

    Cheers to you both!


  3. Gloria, I am so excited for you. What a stressful thing you have been dealing with. I know it’s not exactly the same but somewhat similar , when I come to NY to be with my then boyfriend, I had to return home to Louisiana for like a month due to health problems and because at that time my insurance was still based there. It was horrible being a part. Now we’re married it would be even harder I would imagine. There is something that happends when you marry ( even if you have issues) it’s the fimular-ness of someone , comfort you get through that you just seem to become dependent on… Have a happy life Hun! I just love you, your story, and how inspireing you are.


  4. I’m glad everything turned ok good for yall and that ya’ll are back together that puts a smile on my face you should never be apart from the love of your life for so long. Take care and love yall 😙 sincerely a fan


  5. I live in Manchester too (well, Greater Manchester :D) I hope you’re enjoying it! If you ever need recommendations on where to eat/drink then hit me up, Manchester is crawling with awesomeness. I’m over the moon that you and Ali can finally be together ❤


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