I’ve taken the time to post on FB about what my plan is for the new year in terms of my channel. This is what I plan to do and I hope to stick to it! I *will* stick to it… for as long as I can.. I hope. 😛 Here’s what I posted:

Me Monday – Things I love which includes all of my beauty related things or whatever I feel like talking about!

Get Ready With Me
Monthly Favorites
Beauty Type Tags
Ask Gloria

WILDCARD WEDNESDAY! – I may post something comedy OR beauty related.. or maybe there’ll be NOTHING at all! LOL! This day depends on time and I’ve been watching too much It’s Always sunny ;P

Not So Beauty Tags

Funny Friday – I’m sure the title speaks for itself but FUNNY VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY! A lot of you are missing my new posts and I’ve been asked MULTIPLE times about WHY I don’t post funny videos anymore.. I do.. you just don’t see them for some reason!

Tita Auntie
Baby Smiley
Lyrical Lacey
Coco Chandelier ;]
Parody Makeup Tutorials

All of my videos have a designated day so be sure to check back each week! Please let me know what type of videos you’d like to see! you all!

I might start doing something similar on here. I like being able to go more in depth about what I’m talking about. I’ve mentioned this before and I like that people like to actually read these things LOL! Anyway, excited for the new year.

One thought on “OOPS HAVEN’T POSTED IN *ALMOST A MONTH! – Update!

  1. Hi~I’ve been watching some of your UTube videos. I’m trying to plan my daughters bridal shower. I SO want to give her a Tea Party. However, she has 63 (yikes!) ladies in her guest list. It’s a long story and I won’t bore you but because of bridesmaids, budgets and a big crowd….it’s not going very well so far!
    Anywho….that’s not why I’m writing. I really liked your dress at the shower. But had a hard time hearing when you said her name. Ashley Nell Tipton???
    Can you kindly let me know. Send me a link, anything will help. I’m desperately trying to lose weight. But right now I fall in that weirded zone of not quite a missy and not a plus completely either. I’ve always wanted a Lily Pulitzer dress, but that may never happen. Your dress was adorable and similar to the unfriendly to plus ladies Pulitzer!
    Thanks so much. Hope your wedding was a beautiful and fun day.


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