My Weight Loss Journey (So Far) and The Ups & Downs

I just want to start off by saying that I want to be as honest as possible. I’ve gone through a lot, as everyone does, and I really do just want to be honest. SO HERE I GO.

I’ve lost 40lbs, I gained 15, and I just lost another 10, leaving me at a total of 35lbs lost.

Let me start forrealzies at 2008, me at 20 years old:

1702_52737794347_9563_n 199726_10150198163899348_6777070_n

Aside from my obvious love of Taylor Swift & Katy Perry I was a LOT smaller than I am today. Went out going to a lot of cool kid clubs and had fun without drinking and being sober was actually preferred. Then I turned 21 and it actually wasn’t so bad, here’s a picture of me in 2009 on the way to a Halloween party


Still a bit chubby, I noticed I was getting a bit bigger but it didn’t really bother me. I felt like I could walk around just fine, keep up with my friends whether it was doing cool kid clubbing or staying up all night doing what cool kids do. It wasn’t until 2010 that things actually got out of hand so0o0o0o0o…

I started to party and drink a LOT. I gained 50 lbs in 2010 and it wasn’t pretty. I was already pretty heavy but I started to notice a lot of changes in my body and the way I felt. My moods were different, I always felt like I was out of energy, and I just didn’t care. I have no one else to blame but myself. I will never blame anyone but myself.

This is what my meals would look like from Burger King for example:

1. 2 double cheeseburgers (or a double whopper)
2. large fries
3. onion rings
4. 2 orders of chicken tenders
5. large vanilla milkshake

I don’t know why, but I never thought about the consequences. Not once.

I would also order a venti white chocolate mocha with an extra 2 shots, and passion tea lemonade sweetened just because I could.

Now that I think about it, by the summer I looked pretty different. I don’t think it took me an entire year to gain that 50lbs, and I actually noticed from the pictures I’m going to show you that I think I weighed more than I thought I did. I’m pretty sure I weighed more than I thought. Here’s some pictures of me in 2010:

24912_425282159347_1574588_n 38622_476021754347_4183186_n 40948_490613234347_3760411_n  61938_10150092052764348_3425582_n48020_490613929347_6860863_n37958_10150092054019348_2016732_n149780_10150112596039348_3156825_n

Those were all taken at “flattering angles.” Even the one where I’m wearing a black and flowery dress. This is where I started to notice something was off. I was doing some auditions back then and I actually found them recently… this is at a “normal” angle.

1 2
Jumping ahead to today, I felt sick watching myself like this. I remembered how I felt and hearing how I sounded (which was sick.. literally I sounded like I was sick for most of that year) It was really hard to watch myself in those videos and it made me feel so crappy.

In 2010, I started to feel my heart racing, I noticed it hurt to walk sometimes, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and a lot of the time I would stay up very late at night thinking I wasn’t going to wake up the next morning. I would leave the lights on because just in case someone walked in and I had died or something bad happened, they would see me. I didn’t want to be alone,  and he doesn’t know this, but I would sometimes sit next to my brother while he slept and his presence helped ease my anxiety. I had gone in and out of the emergency room at least 5 times that year. I always felt like I was going to have a heart attack. When I finally saw my doctor, she told me that I was feeling anxiety. I never felt anxiety, let alone knew how it felt, and I never knew what a panic attack was, but I sure felt like I was going to die.

This was a huge wake up call.

On one of my trips with just me and Ryan in December 2010, I noticed that my heart was doing this weird thumpy thing just from walking around and having a couple of drinks. I thought I was just being paranoid, but turns out I was having heart palpitations. Apparently it’s not alarming with every case BUT it was alarming to me. Why the hell was my heart pumping like this?? With everything I was feeling anything that seemed off in my body I got scared QUICK. I was so scared that I didn’t drink the entire trip (two days in LA and a stop off in Vegas) and anything I ate was “minimal” I went from being like LA LA LA I’m gonna eat everything to buying apple slices instead of chips and just getting ONE thing from any restaurant we went to.

I unofficially changed the way I ate by changing things here and there but after about two weeks I stepped on a scale for the first time in months (before the weight gain so maybe it was almost a year) and I saw that I had gained 50 lbs. I never thought to think I gained more than 50 lbs until recently because there were still those two weeks where I had changed the way I ate but wasn’t keeping any record of it. I saw the number on the scale and I cried. I refuse to say what the scale said because I’m not at my goal yet. WHEN I REACH MY GOAL, YOU’LL KNOW THAT PART OF THE TRUTH. Before anyone starts making assumptions, YES I am not comfortable with saying how much I weighed SO SHUT IT WITH YOUR JUDGEMENT. Hahaha, I know weight is just a number… but it’s not sometimes. To me it’s a reminder of how I let myself go down that road and it honestly makes me uncomfortable.

ANYWAY, after seeing my “starting” weight, I decided to cut the following things out cold turkey:

1. Alcohol/going out to bars
2. Fast food
3. Coffee/Caffeine in general
4. Hot Cheetos/chips but I mostly ate Hot Cheetos and LOVE IT STILL OMG.
5. Eating at restaurants
6. Processed foods
7. Sweets (wasn’t really a big sweets fan so that was easy)
8. High sodium crap

I ate the following things everyday and this is when my cooking sKyLLz got better:

1. Salmon with rice and broccoli
2. Low sodium teriyaki chicken with rice and broccoli
3. Baked potato with chicken breasts
4. Suh-LADS

I never added salt or butter to anything. I didn’t know that I could have tasty foods without it being unhealthy. All of this was new to me. While I would eat my food, I remember paying very close attention to my heartbeat. I know now that when you try to pay attention to your heartbeat/look at a heart rate monitor at a doctor’s office, that it’ll go up and you’ll panic if you’re like me LOL.

I also think this is around the time I started to eat spinach and chose it over lettuce in my salads. Lettuce can be so gross sometimes… My salads consisted of spinach, carrots, chicken, ranch dressing, croutons, and cheese. I have since then taken out the ranch and if I feel like I actually *need* dressing, it’s a tiny bit of Caesar. I don’t like the taste of lemon in salads. It’s not happening…. k I’ll try it someday.

After a month or two, I started having some “normalish” food again (in moderation) and by March 2011 I looked like this:
189129_10150211485764348_4506053_n 207618_10150247131814348_4022211_n 208362_10150247131699348_3096266_n

I think within that time period I had already gone down 25lbs. I already looked healthier. First picture I had a few drinks but.. it was my friend’s birthday LOL. Still a big change though! I went from drinking almost every weekend for funzies to none for 3 months. I would say I drank maybe 4-5 times through all of 2011. I started to notice that it wasn’t hard for me to breathe and that I could walk around without feeling all heart palpitation-y and I’m pretty sure somewhere in all of this I was exercising.

Gym stuff is all a blur to me lol! I think this is around the time I did Zumba for the one and ONLY time. In high school, I did hip hop for a year and one of my friends from back in the day taught me hula and I even joined her halau for a bit so when I went in to do Zumba I went in FULL FORCE because I thought I could handle it because I loved to dance. BIG MISTAKE, ME! After 30 minutes, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I got so anxious that I had to step out. Jumping is not my friend. I was so proud of myself for trying, but so disappointed that I couldn’t last. I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and I do think about “ALL or NOTHING” quite a bit, but I had to remind myself back then that I hadn’t been active for so long that I needed to take it SLOW. I can also be very impatient so taking things slow was hard.

My weight loss slowed down and I plateaued a bit but for the most part, my weight loss was consistent. I went to the gym as much as I felt like, but to be honest… many of you know this but I can be very stubborn. When I feel like I am exercising I get annoyed and I just don’t want to do it sometimes. I need better willpower and discipline, and I know it too. (You don’t know you’re beautiful, that’s what makes you beautiful… does that mean that since I know that I need willpower and discipline…that I have it? What?)

So instead of working out at the gym, I went out for walks and even spent a lot of time at the mall. It wasn’t exactly good for my wallet, but it really helped. I get anxious if I don’t know the location or where I’m walking or how far it is. Steep hills make me anxious whether I’m driving or walking so places like San Francisco make me feel really uncomfortable.. I really only go for the Giants games anyway so no driving or walking up hills for me! (except when I’m on an elliptical or treadmill… ugh)

I would to the mall with my brother or sister just to go look around at most places like the Great Mall or Oakridge….Target… just so I would get out off my butt and walk around and we would spend hours out on our feet and they were big supporters. Since honesty is such a big thing with this post, I’m pretty sure this is where my Target addiction stemmed from LOL.

By September/October 2011, I looked like this:
Tyler Hilton & Me on the set of One Tree Hill. He was so nice! LOL! Remember how I was talking about those “normal” angles? In the screencaps of my audition tapes from 2010, I was wearing makeup. I don’t know if the lighting worked miracles.. but I wasn’t wearing much makeup in this scene and I just feel like I look so much healthier. I was much healthier. By this time I had lost 30lbs. People might say “GLORIA?! ONLY 30?! YOU CAN LOSE MUCH MORE THAN THAT!” But LET ME JUST SAY THIS: I know myself, through the bajillion diets I’ve done in the past, I lost weight quick and I gained back twice as much just as fast. This is a lifestyle change to me, I will NEVER put myself through that again.

I noticed around this time I was feeling so much more confident about myself. I was finally feeling something other than bitter, and I started to feel self worth. Growing up I was always a fairly confident girl. I did things because I liked doing them, whether or not liked people liked it. I just wanted to do what I liked, so I did. I honestly couldn’t tell you right this second what happened but I got into a really dark place and I really did let myself go. Everything about me was so different in 2010. I didn’t care about what would happen to me. Around this time I was tired of being stuck at 30 lbs lost, so I knew I had to change something. This was also when I started having feelings for Ali btw LOL.

I started caring in 2011. By the end of 2011 I looked like this:


I started fitting into smaller clothes, that was a new top from Torrid that I got. It didn’t run up my stomach like my clothes used to. I was a much happier and confident person by December 2011. In the span of a year I lost 30 lbs, stopped partying, became more productive with my life, and was allowing myself to feel lo0o0o0ve! LIKE REAL LOVE, NOT THE STUFF I PUT MYSELF THROUGH PREVIOUSLY.

In January 2012, a few friends and I went to Vegas. I was so excited because I was planning to drink, have all the fun in the world, and one of my best friends was getting married! While I REALLY enjoyed her wedding, the rest of the trip I felt SOOO CRAPPY! I was in tears a lot, and from what I can remember it was because I felt like I couldn’t keep up with them. I have no idea what happened here, but for some reason I felt like my weight loss wasn’t happening fast enough and when I drank I was feeling so anxious. I think deep down I knew what I was doing wasn’t right for me. I couldn’t handle partying anymore. Maybe it reminded me of the last trip I had to Vegas when I felt very sick. I don’t think I’ve been to Vegas since then lol!

I had been with Ali (virtually) since the end of 2011, and everyone knows he’s really into fitness… We counted the other day, and he has 15 CrossFit shirts…. lol anyway!

Despite the Vegas shenanigans, I grew into feeling confident, being happier and becoming *myself* again. I had something to live for. I fell in love quick (again, not good at being patient on my end) even though I hadn’t met Ali in person yet. Even though he has seen me through my smaller side, my weight gain, and my weight loss he was always there for me and was very encouraging. In 2012, I wanted to be alive to be with him too. It wasn’t just about me at this point. By May 2012, he visited and by this time I lost another 10lbs getting me down to my smallest weight since 2010.


This was the smallest I’ve been in a long time. Even today but I am literally 10 lbs away from being there again.. but more on that later.. I also hope my math is right haha!

He pushed me into eating healthier and exercising more. He was never mean about it and was so encouraging. He inspired me. Positive reinforcement always worked with me. So to those of you who think “OH HE’S A FEEDER.” “HE’S GOT A FAT GIRL FETISH.” Stop. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

I kept the weight off, going up and down 5lbs because well that’s what happens when you PMS, LOL!! Later in the year, we threw a murder mystery party!

46488_10151496517434348_1704984010_n 604010_10151496520669348_104086276_n
Happier & healthier! Even if I get all double-chinny in pictures it’s not as bad as it used to be! I always wanted to plan something like this, and tbh my confidence was making me feel like I could do ANYTHING I wanted so we threw this thing together and it was so GREAT!

And in December 2012, I visited Scotland for the first time!
537539_10151580845664348_762433532_n 541788_10151633051844348_2037098796_n

This makes me happy. I literally just scrolled up to my 2010 pictures and back down. Writing about my progress has helped me remember to stay on track and that I actually have made progress.

When I was in Scotland, I’m pretty sure I lost weight the first couple of weeks.. then I discovered their restaurants and that basically every place delivered so… I took advantage of that. Any weight I might have lost in those previous came back LOL! I did notice a change in my portions though.  In the UK, the portions they serve are much smaller. I remember we went to this place called Ketchup this first week I was over. I was so sad to see that their CHIPS were literally like 5 pieces of potatoes! After being there for a month, I got used to it and we went back there before I left. I didn’t realize I was used to the portion sizes because when we went back, we ordered 3 servings of chips. One for each of us and one to share. I. COULDN’T. HANDLE IT.

I remember coming back home, going to dinner with Chastity at Chili’s and was so shocked by the portion sizes! I had only been gone for 6 weeks but JEEZ!

In 2013, I’m sure I got used to American sizes again because I started to gain weight ONCE AGAIN *sigh* Sometimes life happens. My weight gain wasn’t anything significant, but it was slowly going up.


My Mom & I on my 25th birthday on April 24, 2013. CHEESECAKE FACTORYYYYY!!!!!!

My face always seems to show my weightloss/gain first. ANNOYING! Why can’t it go to my butt or my chest? I got a smaller booty and a smaller chest… SO.

Life happened, I got busy and I just got busier once Ali moved over! Once Ali moved it was nonstop of busy life! We got engaged on August 24 and from then it was taking Ali to his campus, planning the wedding, taking classes, and trying to fit WORK somewhere in there. We hardly had time to cook, but when we did we started doing meal prep. I guarantee you this is the only reason I didn’t gain all of my weight back but only some of it. We made turkey chili for either lunch/dinner and when we were out we would have a sandwich. We also had Chipotle, I’m craving Chipotle. Even though it’s not the HEALTHIEST, it tastes so damn good and it’s better than going to Burger King and ordering what I used to!

The rest of the year was pretty boring in terms of me and weight loss. It was very repetitive. But here’s what I looked like!:

72323_10152480634474348_324663387_n 1375686_10152298584129348_364499814_n
In 2014, thinking about the wedding and my overall health, I started these weekly walks with a group of subbies!

Capture Capture2 Capture3Capture5

It was really cool having a group of people to do at least SOME form of exercise with and I’m still in touch with so of these awesome people ❤ ❤ ❤



March 1, 2014. BLURRY! Remember when I said that jumping wasn’t my friend? At the very beginning of this class, the warm up involved using a jump rope. I was like OH OK THIS’LL BE AWESOME I’M GONNA GO FULL FORCE AGAIN! I went full force, jumped my life, and I felt a huge crunch in my knee. I almost couldn’t stand but I pushed through it (which I shouldn’t have) and continued because I didn’t wanna be a quitter. I should have stopped. It did NOT help, and my knee has JUST started getting better. SO0O0O0 all I could manage at this point was hopefully maintaining my weight.

I believed in making little changes. My cousins and I made a little support group and share what we would eat, what exercise we did and it felt really good! Ok, here’s something else…

I started sharing my little changes on my glowpinkstah fb page here and there and immediately got amazing support from everyone! But of course, with the support comes those few who think they know EVERRRYYYYTHIIIING.

I got comments like:

“Gloria, you should be doing this.”
“You should be doing that.”
“You’re gonna die if you don’t do this.”
“You fat f***ing pig eat a salad.”

To be honest, these people most likely had no idea what I’ve been through or that I had been trying to lose weight for so long. It got discouraging. SOMEEETIMES I just wanna share stuff with people I know (subbies too) and don’t wanna have to hear/read from people and their damn supposed “constructive” criticism LOL! I WANT A LIFE THAT IS MIIIINE! Just thought I’d rant on that for a bit hahaha! FELT GOOD!

The wedding was coming up, and when I went in for a fitting, the seamstress said that I lost weight because my dress fit much better on me now. I have no idea why, maybe it was stress from the pressure of everyday life.. but I did NOT step on a scale, I knew it would make things worse LOL!



Happiest day of my life 🙂 BUT shortly after this I stepped on a scale and saw that I gained 15lbs UGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHGUHH!! What’s even worse, is that I stepped on a scale that was 10lbs OFF and saw that I was 25lbs up and nearly had a meltdown!! Hahaha! It was so scary to see that I had gotten so close to my “starting weight” and new something had to change again…. But not until after our honeymoon LOL!


Let me just say this: I was swollen from the sunburn, it was HOT HOT HOT outside but I still look happier and much healthier than I was at my heaviest. I don’t always think that way though.. sometimes when I look at pictures in my present time, whenever that is, I don’t see progress and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything.

From July – September I wasn’t really into my health like I should have been, but I know I wasn’t eating as badly as I was. I wasn’t exercising because my knee was still giving me issues. I can’t really walk up hills (which is ok with me cuz like I said I hate steep anything) or stand on it for really long periods at a time. By the end of September, we bought a scale and I have no idea whether my weight went up or down or WHAT but I knew that now that I had one available to me, I would feel more comfortable with starting back up.

At one point a couple of years back I got obsessed with weighing myself every morning, every night and it wasn’t healthy… don’t do that.

We’ve been eating more home cooked meals, when we eat out we don’t overdo it… even though I do that sometimes… I’ve been meal prepping our dinners, my salads, and instead of having 2 ginormous servings, at dinner I’ll have one. If I haven’t had time and I ran out of food I might overdo it but something I’m doing currently must work! I plan to share more of my recipes on here and hopefully you’ll get a chance to read them! I’m no fancy cook, I just follow recipes I think might taste yummy and change what I think needs to be changed.

Since then I’ve lost weight and I just feel more confident again!

Capture6 Capture7 Capture8Capture9

Last night I did some hula dancing and my knee was cracking a bit here and there but for the most part I could do the moves and that is yet another accomplishment I need to remember! Stepped on the scale and saw that I was down 10lbs yesterday and I took this victory picture:


BABY STEPS!  What I’ve done so far has worked for me and I’m ok with that. I just need to work on having more discipline and willpower and I’ll get to my goal slowly but surely. Thanks to everyone in my life for your amazing support. Thank you for being there for me helping me push through the pain to get closer to my big goal.

I’m much healthier, happier, and confident now!

34 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey (So Far) and The Ups & Downs

  1. I think so many people can relate to your post. Thank you for sharing your journey and Congratulations on once again taking control of your health! Keep up the amazing work!!


  2. Gloria! Keep up the great work! You are such an inspiration, i’ve been up and down too and your blog post jusy reminded me that it CAN be done and how much more there is to gain by becoming a healthier person. I admire you for putting your story out there and for the positive changes you’ve made in your life. I love following you on IG!

    Much Love,
    Karla 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing Gloriaaaaa!!! You’re always so adorable at any weight but so many people feel your frustrations and accomplishments. Proud of you, boo. Let’s walk the bay trail and look for sea lions and feral cats!

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  4. I think you need to watch films such as supersize me and topics such as sugar addiction and GMO and preservatives. Also follow people that speak the truth about what’s in mayonnaise and kraft mac n cheese people that will scare you out of eating unhealthy, like the food babe. I made the choice not too long ago. Check out fullyrawchristina on YouTube for healthy delicious recipes. I think you need to find a diet that suits you. I do a combo of everything mainly I eat healthy to have a certain number of calories I can use towards a chocolate cake. Ahahahaha. You’re truly a powerful and strong person thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Gloria 🙂 just wanted to say you shouldnt let all that negativity get to you (lol easier said than done) but really though, youre such an amazing person and you truly are a eautiful person 😀

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  6. Gloria,
    Thanks for this, you are truly an inspiration. I have kinda been going thru the same thing and it really inspires me to continue in my weight loss journey. I just restarted focusing on myself and working to lose weight, I fell off the wagon!! Lol!! But its an amazing journey you’ve been on and I’m glad that you are sharing it!! Thank you for reminding me that I can do this!! 😊😁


  7. You inspire me. Thank you. I am in a dark place with my weight and life. Not happy. You are strong and I really enjoyed getting to see your story. Keep on smiling. You are beautiful!


  8. I respect your willingness to share your weigh loss journey with everyone. I feel like I can relate to most of what you said. Don’t allow the negativity of others deter you from meeting your goals! BTW where did you get that kitty sweatshirt? I HAVE to have one!


  9. Keep it up, girl! Slow and steady wins the race! I’ve been in it to win it for a little over a month. You and I have similar body types so I know where you’re coming from. My new eating habits are kinda crazy, though. I went from eating pepperoni pizza and a brownie sundae one day to a high carb vegan diet the next. We’ve just gotta keep it up!


  10. Amazing. I will be on this journey with you. I was 180 when I started my weightloss journey. I did what you did, no salt, no butter, salads and healthy foods. I started running everday 2 hours a day…and danced and did pilates everyday. A nice year past and I went down to 128. Sucks because of course, the partying and eating regularly and everything I did, went back to normal and now I’m heavier than I’ve ever been. I feel you when you say people don’t understand what we go through. They don’t know the struggle we go through to lose weight. We were smaller once, and those people just will never understand. I’m so happy for you and thanks soo much for doing this blog.


  11. You go hun !!! I myself am a big girl and my partner is tall and slim, most days I don’t want to go out with him because of the stares and how I think people are thinking “oh he can do better than her” or “how the heck did she end up with him” but after watching your videos and seeing how you and Ali love each other so much it definetly helped me to be positive and thankful for the people I have around me. Weight loss is not easy and I know how you feel, but keep up the awesome work hun. I am also going to trying to work alongside you. Keep up the faith and God will do the rest. Love and blessings from Aotearoa, New Zealand xx


  12. Thanks for posting this. I have struggled with weight and body image my whole life. In fact, I do the thing you say not to do. I weigh myself every morning. This is what I use to determine if I can have a “treat” or not. It’s not the healthiest way to be (regarding watching weight)but it does keep me on track. I find it extremely admirable of you that you can write things and be so open and honest. It’s very refreshing. Keep up the good work and keep posting! It helps me feel better about myself knowing I’m not alone!


  13. You’re amazing Gloria! I’ve been watching over you on fb and your youtube channel for some time and I have to tell you this.. I’m on the same boat as you and I’m trying to do my best THIS TIME!! Thank you for sharing your story..


  14. What worked for me was making love and than getting pregnant!!!! I lost 60lbs while pregnant !!!!!
    But than my fiance died in a car accident and I just let all that weight come back.
    Now I’m starting to eat better and playing with my 2 year old daughter is helping.
    But yeah, it’s slow 😦


  15. I know your struggle all too well… I’ve been heavy my whole life.
    No fun…no fun at all…and my knees..ugh…

    I give you so much credit for having the confidence to post your pictures from head to toe. I’m just a head shot kinda girl.
    Please continue to update us and all that is helping….i need any help I can get!
    Keep up the awesome work!!


  16. I am so in the same boat as you I gained a mental illness and the medication caused me to gain almost sixty lbs iv been working so hard to lose weight and ppl will always try and put their two cents in but once you find what works for you and its healthy run with it I’m still struggling but your story gives me hope and shows me that not everyone drops weight like ppl make it seem sometimes its a struggle and there’s a story behind your struggle I believe in you! We can do this!!


  17. Thank you so much for sharing a story that is so personal to you, it really helped me because I feel like I went through similar weight loss issues (going up and down, up and down because of life getting in the way!). I’m so glad to read this though because I feel like if someone else can do it and stick to it, so can I! So thank you for being an inspiration!! Much love to you (and Ali)! 😀 ❤


  18. Gloria you are such an amazing person! I love reading about your progress and how far you’ve come. It helps motivate me to be a healthier, happier person. You have no idea how much you inspire me. Keep up the good work! I know you can reach your goal(:


  19. Gloria! Keep it up chica! I’ve always struggled with my weight and always believe I was bigger than I really was. You’re an awesome individual and thank you for the laughs and sharing your journey with us!


  20. OMG ILY I love your story and I know you’ll get to your goal and im so proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and don’t get yourself down, life DOES happen and you just gotta get yourself back up and keep going. I know you’re living with ali now and you’re married and everything but I’m in an LDR with someone from New Zealand and I live in America and I can definitely relate to your relationship in the past and it makes it so much cooler that I get to watch someone like you on YouTube!! ✨


  21. I can Relate to your story. I was at 350 pounds and lost weight so fast I was down too 165… I never felt better, never felt lighter. Guess what? I gained weight again (almost all of it back) I have the same issues, chest pains with anxiety my hips hurt all the time. I feel like crap when I eat horrible food I even get horrible anxiety when I eat heavy foods so I keep it light. I need to keep moving or my hips hurt so bad from being lazy. I know how you feel Gloria. I’m in it alone but I’m not going to keep letting myself go, I cant. It’s scary and it makes me feel like I’m letting life just slip by because I don’t want to do anything. I missed all summer pretty much in fear someone will think I’m gross. I can’t do it so I’m diving in with you!


  22. I can soooo relate with your post (especially cutting out the hot cheetos part). Never let anyone tell you how far you should be or how little your weightloss might seem to them. Ive had a horrible problem yoyoing in my weight since 2008 as well. The one thing i noticed was that when i would reach a smaller size, i would never appreciate it and just keep saying “i need to lose more!” but when i would eventually gain weight and look back, It would make me sad to think that I would give anything to look like that again, but the me back then didnt even appreciate it. Every pound lost is a victory. you have a beautiful face and beautiful personality that obviously shines through which matters so much more than weight. but in the end i’d be a hypocrite to say that weight doesnt matter, cause it does, at least to us. Good job on all your weightloss and keep it up!


    • Thank you for sharing! Its always inspiring to read other’s journies. I had a similar story, and I found what worked for me, just like what you’re doing for you. Its always a battle, but its so worth it. Also I adore your glasses, ever so much.


  23. I just want to say that you are so beautiful inside and out. You have so much support here to cheer you on. I also for many years have struggled with my weight and now I’m 50lbs down and I understand the UPS and downs it took me from end of 2011 to realize I needed to change and you are right when you say you don’t really realize what drinking and eating bad food does until you have a wake up call. It doesn’t happen over night it takes a lot of work physically and emotionally. I’m so happy for you and wish you nothing but the best for you. When I’m down I just appreciate how far I’ve come and not how far I need to go. So when life happens just think of how far you have come and how much you have accomplished. You are out there going for it and there will be obstacles but just know which I’m sure you know you have such a great support group! I’m here cheering for you!


  24. That was incredibly brave of you to tell us all the nitty gritty truth. You are an inspiration to all of us who are struggling with weight. However, no matter what weight you are, you look great!


  25. Wow, Gloria! You’re such an inspiration. I really think the “baby steps” method works, ESPECIALLY when you are trying to change your whole lifestyle to something healthier. I and many other people can relate to your story in many ways, so thanks for being here and sharing your awesomeness! Thank you Gloria, you da shit 😉


  26. Awesome blog…. You are beautiful, amazingly funny and I love reading your journals. Today you pulled me out of my depression as I have been struggling with my weight for the past 15 yrs. Nobody knows the struggles and you insure me, thank you Gloria!


  27. Okay, this may not be your thing at all, but I really liked Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating by Geneen Roth. When I gained 60 lbs (60! Jesus!) in the past two years, I went on a crazy desperate search for anything to help me get the root of why the f*** I eat like I do. I didn’t want another diet, I didn’t want to punish myself with miserable “30 Day Fat Torch XX!!!” exercise programs– I wanted to fix the belief system that was subconsciously driving me to binge and gain. That book is helping immensely. Whether or not this helps, you go girl! I hope you feel empowered and lovely, unconditionally.


  28. Okay, this may not be your thing at all, but I really liked Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating by Geneen Roth. When I gained 60 lbs (60! Jesus!) in the past two years, I went on a crazy desperate search for anything to help me get the root of why the f*** I eat like I do. I didn’t want another diet, I didn’t want to punish myself with miserable “30 Day Fat Torch XX!!!” exercise programs– I wanted to fix the belief system that was subconsciously driving me to binge and gain. That book is helping immensely. Whether or not this helps, you go girl! I hope you feel empowered and lovely, unconditionally.


  29. Gloria!! I’ve been a subbie since 2010, so this blog post was super insightful! I personally have struggled with my weight and this has given me so much hope to keep fighting to break bad habits! I’ve watched you for so long I can honestly say that it breaks my heart to hear your behind the seems struggles, i love you Gloria and you’ve been a role model for me growing up these 5 years !!! (still remember the las vegas tour!! GIRLS ON THE FLOOR) xoxoxo


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