Rambling thoughts – I want to be good at EVERYTHING!!

As I sit here, waiting for my ESO update to intall, (it was stuck at 30%)I figured I’d write a quick post to share my feelerz on this topic.

Whenever I tell people about my YouTube life, I always feel like there’s so much information and that I actually need to explain it all because not everyone gets it right away. Meaning they don’t understand how someone can be a fulltime youtuber hahaha! It sure is a process… but anyway, these are all the jobs I wanted to have growing up:

1. Makeup Artist
2. Comedian
3. Broadway Performer

And even though this isn’t exactly a job, I wanted to be a good example to others and let people know that they aren’t alone in their toughest of situations.

With YouTube, I’ve been able to do my makeup both in crazy and sometimes pretty ways, express my comedic side, recently decided to not give a crap about what people thought of my singing voice (if people hated it) and just DID IT, and I even did a boudoir shoot because I just wanted to!

I feel like people are pressured to do too much or too little. People always say “stick to one thing and be the best at it” but I always find myself doing everything and having fun with it… but not being THE BEST. When I try to stick to one thing, I feel like it’s enough for me but somewhere deep down I want to do more so I end up doing a bajillion things and spread myself too thin…but sometimes I like the pressure?! WEIRDO!

I don’t know what the point of this post is about but I’m just glad I’ve at least been able to do each of these things because of YouTube which is AMAZING!! I just wish I could do MORE with my ideas.. I want to be the ….very best like no one ever was. LMAO ok not to that extreme I just want to do more of these more often.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Writing up recipes currently so look out for those, YIH!

2 thoughts on “Rambling thoughts – I want to be good at EVERYTHING!!

  1. i feel yah. i want tobe so many things and im just starting college and im trying to get a degree that will blanket over everything i want to do!
    you inspire me to utilize youtube to my advantage and show off my thang (not that thang) haha. thanks for being you ❤


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