MEOWWWWW – Cat Sweater! Cat Sweater Can Save Anythiiiiing!

Whoever guess where that post came from I’ll give you a mind dollar.

10689435_10152789483811591_274649184210301756_nOutfit of The Day!

It’s a really simple and comfy outfit since that’s how most of my outfits end up being.

Shoes – Evans
Leggings – Torrid

I’ve noticed a pretty big difference between British & American clothing and to me, the difference is that they’re true to size. Maybe they’re truer to my size on my body type, but it’s a relief! I’ll probably do a video/blog about the difference in more depth later but I thought I’d show off my super cute sweater. I will need to start stocking up on Christmas cat sweaters so if any of you have any recommendations send them my way!

7 thoughts on “MEOWWWWW – Cat Sweater! Cat Sweater Can Save Anythiiiiing!

  1. Hi Gloria 🙂 Is there a way to subscribe to your website so they can go straight to my email when u post something? I would love to recieve them 🙂 and also I have been wondering if you had moved out of your parents house since you have been filming with a different background/different room or are you still at Ali’s parents house visiting? I am just really curious 🙂


  2. Have you ever been to I have a dress that I bought from there that was from the U.K. (a bunch of clothing from U.K. designers on this site btw) and it was amazingly true to size! There are all kinds of reviews on them being really awesome to plus size ladies, and they’ve got a ton of cute clothes for plus size ladies. Some designs go from XS all the way to 5X. It’s pretty amazing.


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