I kinda sorta “sang” live in a video. Here’s why I did it :)

I mustered up some courage and sang in my Elsa video and was so nervous to post it. When I make a comedy video it’s obvious that comedy is supposed to be comedy. SO0O0O.. ok I’m just gonna type all of my thoughts. I really wanted to sing in a video and have wanted to for a very long time. I’ve done a couple where I sang and added reverb and I think lip synced which isn’t a bad thing but I’ve always been so picky about my voice.

I was so surprised that people actually thought that passed the comedy, they could hear that I could carry a tune. This made me happy becauuuuuuse ever since I was little I wanted to sing and do it in musical theater. I grew up watching musicals and Disney movies so obviously those had a huge influence. Some of my favorite musicals of all time are The Book of Mormon, The Last 5 Years, The Sound of Music, SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, Grease, Hairspray, Les Mis, Miss Saigon, Moulin Rouge, Annie, Fiddler on The Roof, Funny Girl, POTO, RHPS, The Producers, Chicago etc, etc, ETC FOREVER. But anyway, I’ve always wanted to be in a musical. The thought of playing someone who you’re not (which I already do on YouTube) and breaking out into song in the middle of conversation might ANNOY a lot of people but to me it’s almost like a dream come true lmao. I remember always singing in public…at the flea market… just walking around with my mom and I would sing Celine Dion songs and she’d just say “GLORIA YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME!” But I didn’t care because I knew it wasn’t embarrassing for her it was secretly ENTERTAININGand I just didn’t care in general, it was fun for me haha! I also remember that one time I was walking to class when I was like 8 years old and I tried to imitate the way Danny Zuko walked which is SO STUPID STOP JUDGING ME but like I said, the thought of acting as somebody different was fun! And that’s all it is to me, FUN! I was always happy with myself in that sense as a kid (even though I was made fun of and it really got to me sometimes) and I knew I wanted to do this someday.

It also probably didn’t help that my family is Filipino and at every Filipino house and Filipino party there is definitely going to be a karaoke machine/magic mic. Every party we went to (ever since I can remember) my family would always be like “HAY SHURING-RING. GO SING NOW. GO! SING WHITNEY HOUSTON. AND THEN GO EAT. ARE YOU ON A DIET?” I sang. I love karaoke.

I am an alto… I am also brown and a big girl but that doesn’t really matter…. but it kinda does for the shows I dreamed of playing parts in. ANYWAY. The best way to describe me going up was being like Rachel Berry from Glee minus the soprano voice and being able to hold notes as well as she does. I remember a few of my elementary school friends and I put together a “concert” for some of the 2nd graders back in 5th grade. Our “concert” was us pretending to be the Spice Girls and singing our favorite Spice Girl songs. I was Ginger, I will ALWAYS be Ginger. At this concert of ours, I had to hit one of the high notes that Mel C hit at the end of “Too Much” Which wouldn’t be high for me *normally* because singing Whitney & Mariah songs weren’t a problem for me (who couldn’t sing Whitney & Mariah songs at the age of eight LOL.) but my voice cracked so ugly I never sang again *dramatic hand to forehead* until high school, anyway.

My school didn’t have an auditorium, but we did have a drama club. I didn’t join the drama club because they didn’t do musicals because apparently the budget was too high… WHICH WAS SAD! The school was promised an auditorium when I was there but it wasn’t built until after my younger sister went there or something like that. So my junior year rolled on by and I joined choir as an elective class because I’ll be honest, it was the only reason I actually wanted to go to school. It was fun and I got to be around music. SPEAKING OF WHICH. When I was in 4th grade I wanted to play the trumpet but I wasn’t allowed to play any instruments because I was clumsy and apparently irresponsible… which was kinda true. BUT YEAH OK SO. I couldn’t read music (still can’t) but being in a music setting was everything to me… Really.. it was everything. I got a solo performance and sang “Love Will Keep Us Together” by The Captain & Tennille and I was like I WANNA DO THIS EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE SO LET ME. When the school finally put on a sort of variety show/jukebox musical I auditioned and didn’t get a lead at all. My teacher knew I knew all the words and knew all the parts but he put me as back up to everyone and that made me kinda sad. Not in an Effie White kind of way, but because I actually put in so much effort into the class and I was so excited that we FINALLY got to have ANY sort of musical show at all. Because of this, I was an unhappy teenager so I didn’t do the show because I was sad. *facedesk* DUMMY!

When I started doing videos with my friends a million years ago, I heard myself and I was like EW I SOUND LIKE THAT?!! Definitely didn’t want people hearing me sing if I sounded like THAT. Then my friend and I decide do an a cappella version of Duel of The Fates from Star Wars Episode 1. It was hilarious and so much fun and it was also so terrible because I didn’t know how to carry harmonies like I did to all of the Nsync & BSB songs. The highest note I could sing.. was an A. Couldn’t tell you where that A is, but it’s the high A that altos hit in the song Hallelujah by I *think* George Frederic Haandel.

After high school, I got right to work and didn’t have a car and in California (where I live anyway) public transport took forever, and even then I felt like if you took the bus or cal train you still needed to take 10 other trains or walk 10 miles (I’m just lazy) to get where you need to be. I felt like if I was going to be wasting my gas it should be on going to work and being responsible and being an adult blah blah blah my life is a longer story.

I never got around to trying out for musicals because life happened. It actually bothers me to this day that I didn’t just go DO IT! I made it one of my goals this year to at least audition for a community theater but I got too busy with life. SO THIS IS WHERE SINGING IN MY VIDEO COMES IN. I actually just wanted to do it because I thought it would be fun to do and I would make me feel a tiny bit closer to being in a musical hahaha! I love musicals, singing along to the soundtracks in my car, annoying my husby by pretending to be Eponine, Tracy, Roxie & Velma, Rizo, Cathy… Tevye, Elder Cunningham, Elder Price, Frank N Furter, aaand Roger De Bris LOL!

I just wanted to do it, so I did it. I knew it would be unexpected because I never did that in any previous videos before and of course I wanted to do something different for me 😀 After all of my failed attempts and butthurt issues I just DID IT. I’m glad I did, and that is why it meant something to me when people said I could carry a tune, so thank you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “I kinda sorta “sang” live in a video. Here’s why I did it :)

  1. On the day when i watch the video…i was in the worst.horrible mood ever…i mean the worst and nothing on youtube was helping until i saw you post on facebook about an elsa makeup tutorial…and i decided to press the play button and it was super funny…..love your videos but please make more with ken and leo…


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