September Favorites 2014!

Here’s a list of where I got all of my items for my September Favorites 🙂

Caterton – My cat sweater from Evans! My mother in law actually spotted this for me. She knew once I saw this I had to have it… so now I have it haha!

PLANNER: Here’s where I got my “life planner” by Erin Condren that again was sent to me from a subbie. IT’S SO DETAILED I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Someone tried to give me sass once by saying “PEOPLE THAT USE PLANNERS ARE VERY UNORGANIZED AND DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEIR BRAINS.” I think that’s bs. I think it just really depends on the person… for ME, I love to have everything written in lists because not only does it make me feel organized but all of my thoughts are written down for me to go back to if I actually do forget something. I don’t think having a planner means that you’re unorganized at all, I think the more you have to do, the more your mind *can* get jumbled and that’s exactly what my mind is like haha! soo0o0 it’s good to have something (other than a computer) where you can jot all of your notes down. Actually writing things down seems to be more effective to me, even though typing is faster I can retain information easier when I’m physically writing.

My dresses were from Torrid & Evans. The video was pretty self-explanatory about why I had these dresses, hehe!

Unicorn Slippers where from THINK GEEK I think but bought on Amazon! Ali got them for me as a present and I love them so much.

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