Wedding Planning – Rambling Thoughts

As happy as I am that we’re married, I wish that I could still plan our wedding. I feel like it went by so quickly (as I’m sure many brides do) and I wish I could do it again! I feel like I didn’t really get a chance to explain the whole process of planning a wedding even though I posted vlogs about it on my YouTube channel. I feel like I didn’t go in depth because sometimes people just don’t want to watch long videos. The best part about having a personal blog to me is that I can in fact type forever like this is a diary and people that want to read it, will read it. I feel like I haven’t written down every single memory so maybe I’ll do that eventually.. I used to write in a diary every night and even though what I’ve written in my past makes me cringe sometimes, it’s nice to know what I’ve gone through and how I used to feel about things. Maybe that’s what I’ll do with this as well as share things that I like. Anyway, I love being married and I love my husband πŸ˜€

Someone let me plan their wedding?? NO BRIDEZILLAS ALLOWED! ;P

12 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – Rambling Thoughts

  1. Gloria you have plan mine!!! It’s sep 19,2015 and we know we want it in San Pedro because it’s the only place that has a Norwegian church haha.My husband and I want a vintagebeach, Help!!!


  2. If you wanted to help me plan my hair and makeup for my wedding that’d be amazing. I’m so clueless about it right now. ugh.


  3. If you are serious about helping to plan a wedding, I am in serious need of help lol. My family is entirely out of state so I’m doing it all solo and it’s stressful. Also, your wedding was beautiful!


  4. I’m not a regular reader here (found my way here from your OCC giveaway video) but I just have to tell you that in the picture on the left you and your husband look absolutely adorable together like a real life Disney princess and prince!


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